Written by Dominic Balli, Jason Walker

I met her in the fall but her name was Spring

A mud hut no fluff in reality

South of the border south of the corridor

That leads to the unknown

We saw one shooting star

I closed my eyes and I prayed to God

When I asked what her wish was she couldn’t find one

It’s a world she’s never known

But somewhere we all deserve to go

It’s our time

We are we are the dreamers

You could touch the sky

Calling all who are believers

Impossible is possible

Imagination drops the wall

There’s an endless world outside

We are we are the dreamers

Why dream she said

What do you know

I define my life by the status quo

Here wishing and wonder

Are hidden by hunger

And the will just to survive

I know, well no I don't

But maybe I could show you the ropes

The mind is weapon wanting and waiting

For a place to let it go

You're free to fly and free to fall

Calling all our future is waiting

Geronimo step on the air

Tomorrow it is what we make it

Leave it or change it now