Written by Dominic Balli, Tyrone Wells

I was just a poor boy playing in the school yard 

Didn’t wanna go home back to my broke home 

Looking for a way out wishing it was just a dream

My pops and my momma never ending drama 

Thought we’d be together always and forever

Custody battles not how it’s supposed to be 

And I know, you know exactly what I mean

We’ll take this world on together 

Whatever me and you            

All of the hell we’ve been through 

There’s no stopping us now

We’re marching on moving forward 

Like soldiers don’t look back

Can you see where we’re at 

There’s no stopping us now 

She was such a cool girl always in the cool crowd 

Everything was all right living in the the lime light

But sometimes things don’t end the way they start 

In and out of rehab trying to forgive Dad

Smokin’ ’til she feel numb cutting ’til she feel some

Crazy how it all can fall apart 

And I know, you know exactly what I mean