Written by Dominic Balli

We are not for sale

We are not for sale

We are not for sale

We are not for sale

You can't put a price on a human life 

It's not mine to sell it's not yours to buy 

All came from the dirt and we'll return to earth 

Who are we to decide another man's worth 

Created equal without social status 

Without social systems of cast or classes 

It's even scales as far as I can tell 

We didn't make mankind it's not ours to sell

How's this for pathetic down right ironic 

The land of the free 

And the slave owners run it 

Shipping drugs to the drug lords

Girls to the strip clubs 

Boys to the fields and guns to the gang wars 

It's blasphemous 

We write in God we trust 

On a hundred dollar bill to fulfill a man's lust

More slave's today than transatlantic slave trade  

Underground genocide sending youth to their grave 

Do we even know the truth

‘Bout the clothes that we choose 

Made by slaves and the food we consume 

I'm right there with you I never knew

So here's twenty two to name just a few 

Coffee and cotton

Chocolate and diamonds 

Gold rings rubies 

Just like the movies 

Sugarcane and charcoal 

Paper and gravel

Cell phones pornography

Carpets and cattle 

The rice in my fryer 

The rubber on my tires 

Tea and tobacco

Granite for my castle 

Silk for my linen

Buttons for my denim 

Sneakers for my feet

Worth more than human 

Yep you heard right for the price of some Nikes 

You could own a girl's freedom sex slave for life

The worst part 

You didn't think twice

Still the fact remains

She ain't your to buy