Written by Dominic Balli, Tim Timmons





I woke up this morning brushed my teeth

Kissed my wife turned on the TV

Radio or magazines 

No matter where I turn the same old thing

Earthquakes and war zones

Broken hearts broken homes

Gang wars catastrophe

Starving kids and slavery 

Love love love what if there was love

I mean, I love myself take care of mine

My treasure talent and precious time

But when it comes to humanity

I’m not so sure man honestly 

I mean just today on the street 

I saw a man I thought needed me 

What’s crazy and amazing         

Is I’m not sure who needed who more 

Imagine that 

You could bring the melody I could bring the harmony

Marching to the beat just like a symphony

From mansions to ghettos black white or yellow

Kampala new york or rio

We are one

From slumdog to rich man LA to London

No matter where you come from

We are one